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GP appointments data collection in support of winter pressures

This is a weekly, automatic collection of anonymised data from general practice appointment systems. It is used to measure capacity and utilisation in general practice, allowing healthcare managers and commissioners to plan and manage services more effectively.

This collection of anonymised appointment level data is to allow and improve the understanding of capacity and utilisation in General Practice. It will also provide a forward look of appointments scheduled. This will help inform more effective planning and management of capacity. It will also aid the understanding of seasonal pressures at national level to inform the wider strategy on the provision of services across primary and secondary care, and in improving patient access to general practice.

From April 2020 general practice will be required to categorise appointments, using a national standard that support the intention to publish GP activity and waiting times data monthly from 2021, alongside hospital data. Publication of the data will expose variation in access between networks and practice.

The data will be provided by the suppliers of Principal Clinical Systems under the GP Systems of Choice (GPSoC) framework. The data will be extracted from both the GP Clinical Systems Appointment module and the consultation module.

This service is on CQRS to record a GP's agreement for data extracts to take place only. No data from this service will be recorded in CQRS and there is no payment attached to this service

For more information, please see the Direction and Data Provision Notice.

Enquiries should be sent to:

Important information about this service

Quality service start date: March 2020

Quality service end date: February 2023

Payment period: No payment generated

Collection frequency: N/A

Manual or automatic entry: N/A

Included in data collection: All system suppliers (TPP, INPS, Microtest and Emis)

Co-commissioning: No

Service type: CQRS participation only service


N/A - there are no payment counts or read codes associated with this appointments collection

Further information

internal GP Appointments Data Collection, Version 2.0

Data Provision Notice to support the extraction from GP IT systems of transactional appointment and utilisation data from all general practices and Extended Access Providers in England.

Last edited: 10 February 2020 8:51 am