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Friends and Family Test

Purpose and outline

The NHS Friends and Family Test (FFT) is a feedback collection system for providers of NHS funded services. The FFT uses a simple question with a range of possible responses from 'extremely likely' to recommend, to 'extremely unlikely' to recommend.

Providers are required to ask at least 1 follow-up free-text question. Providers are not required to submit the free-text to NHS England. The free text identifies good practice and opportunities to make improvements to patient experience.

Providers are allowed to choose their collection mode, such as postcards, websites, phone calls, SMS etc, and are encouraged to use a range of collection modes.

It's been a requirement of GPs to implement the FFT since 1 December 2014. Implementation requires monthly data submissions to NHS England from each GP practice, setting out the number of responses received in each response category, and through each collection mode.

NHS England publishes the results each month.

There is no payment attached to this service.

How this service is commissioned and provided

This service is commissioned by NHS England.

For more information, visit the NHS England website.

Read the guidance for this service.

Important information about this service

Quality service start date: 1 April 2018

Quality service end date: 31 July 2020 

Payment period : No payment

Collection frequency: Monthly

Manual or automatic entry: Manual

Included in data collection: All system suppliers (TPP, INPS, Microtest and Emis).

Co-commissioning: No

Service type: Core contract


Last edited: 21 October 2020 3:34 pm