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Planned changes to GPES in 2018 and 2019


We are improving the General Practice Extraction Service (GPES) to increase capacity and make it easier to use. Find out about these improvements, and how they will benefit GP practice staff who use the system.

Replacement query tool

GPES now uses a new query tool (launched in October 2018) called the GP Data Collector (GPDC). It’s been developed by NHS Digital’s Data Delivery Centre. Its use replaced the GPET-Q query tool. This is because the contract with Atos, who provided the old query tool, came to an end.

Improvements planned for 2019

In 2019, improvements will be made to GPES to increase its capacity. This will mean we can run more extracts next year. 

Benefits of the changes for GP practice staff

GPES improvements will benefit GP practice staff. 

Improved scheduling of data extracts

The schedule will be standardised, making it more predictable. The GPES collections schedule will be updated soon to highlight these changes and let you know when they will start.

Ease of access

GP practices will be able to use their own clinical system to view copies of data extracts. Clinical suppliers will show practices how to do this.

Extracted data will be saved automatically after the data has been transferred to NHS Digital.

There will be no need to log in to GPET-Q, or to the new system, to set preferences or see extracts.

What will not change

There will be no changes to:

  • the way GP collections work
  • the way requests for information are assessed by our information governance system

Contact us

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