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Guidance for developers: Structured Headings HL7v3 Clinical Document Architecture

The generic Structured Headings Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) model is a large “CDA Refined Message Information Model (RMIM)” that can be used as the basis to create specific profiles.

It consists of:

  • Common CDA Header
  • Common Library of CDA Sections (PRSB, plus others)
  • Common Library of CDA Coded Entries (PRSB assured plus other legacy ones)

The generic Structured Headings CDA model itself is not meant for implementation, but is constrained by a profile specification that allows the model to be constrained to specific use cases. This profile specification is rule based and consists of a series of assertions against the base model, for example this details which section can or cannot be present, which coded entries can or cannot be present, and so on.

Click here to view the Structured Headings DMS (Version 1.0 RC4)

Click here to view the Structured Headings DMS (Version 1.0 RC3)

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