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Digital Child Health specification versions

The Child Health Events contain information meaningful to those managing the personal health of themselves or their families, professionals providing direct care to children and young people and those managing the health of populations.

What this service does

The information contained within an event is recorded within clinical interventions or occurrences that happen throughout a clinical pathway or patient journey. These clinical interventions or occurrences are referenced throughout the Healthy Child Record Standard and are classed as a form of clinical contact either as part of the Healthy Child Programme as a planned intervention as part of the pathway, or unplanned contact such as a visit to a GP or Emergency Department. To ensure the aims of this strategy are met and small manageable segments of data are interoperable, the events catalogue breaks up the much larger clinical interventions/occurrences into smaller, more manageable ‘events’ to inform the data item requirements for each child health event message.


The following versions have been published. 

Status Release version Details
Beta 2.0.0-Beta Current Beta version of the specification
ReleaseCandidate 1.1.0-ReleaseCandidate DEPRECATED Version 1.1.0-ReleaseCandidate - DEPRECATED


Last edited: 7 July 2022 5:36 pm