NHS IT system suppliers


Find out how NHS IT system suppliers can integrate with the Female Genital Mutilation Risk Indication System (FGM RIS) and which systems are accredited.

We're engaging and working closely with NHS IT system suppliers to support them through the development and assurance of their FGM RIS integration. We're also helping suppliers to identify an appropriate 'first of type site' for their first 'go live', ensuring they have successfully completed all requirements and actions to 'go live' and to understand and fully utilise the FGM RIS functionality.

Implementation deadline

NHS IT system suppliers must implement FGM RIS before 31 March 2019, as set out in the Information Standards Notice (ISN).

If you're interested in integrating your local IT system with FGM RIS, please contact us at enquiries@nhsdigital.nhs.uk.

Supplier engagement and accreditation

The table below shows suppliers that are working on, or have implemented, an FGM RIS integrated solution.

Name Product FGM RIS functionality  Status
EMIS WEB View capability Working towards accreditation
Intersystems HIE View capability Working towards accreditation