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Smartcard renewal issue affecting EPS prescribers

Due to a recent smartcard renewal issue, some Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) prescribers needed to self-renew their smartcards. 

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Please note that this issue has now been resolved. Users no longer need to self-renew before 4 October 2020 and no further action is required. 

Please follow the instructions below to self-renew your smartcard. For further support with this, please contact your local Registration Authority.

What to do

We have identified an issue with your smartcard with regard to digital prescription signing, where we need you to take immediate action. You have recently renewed or been issued a smartcard, however we require you to renew this card with immediate effect before you digitally sign any further prescriptions. Please follow the instructions below to complete self-renewal of your card.

1. Authenticate as normal with your smartcard. If you have multiple roles, selecting any will suffice.

2. Open the URL in Internet Explorer, either by:

a) clicking on the link if your default browser is Internet Explorer or
b) manually opening Internet Explorer (Hit the ‘Windows’ key and type ‘Internet’ – select ‘Internet Explorer’). Copy and paste the URL into the address bar:

screen shot of internet explorer

Either method should take you directly to the smartcard self-renewal applet:

eps smartcard screen with renew highlighted

If you receive this window proceed to Step 3.

If you have multiple smartcards, you will need to navigate to the ‘Smartcard Details’ section on your user profile, select the smartcard you authenticated with and was that issued / renewed in the last few days, and hit ‘Service’. You will need to repeat the renewal action for each smartcard issued / renewed in the last few days.

If you receive a blank page, or the message ‘You have been logged out, it is likely you either:

(a) are not using Internet Explorer (in which case ensure this is the browser in use)
(b) do not have Java installed (a required software component). In this instance, follow the process that gave you a renewed smartcard in the past couple of days. This may mean contacting your RA Manager.

Alternatively, contact your local IT support, or if you are confident and able to install software on your machine, call the National Service Desk on 0300 303 5035, to allow them to guide you through installing Java.

3. Ensure the ‘Renew Certificate’ option is selected, and hit ‘Continue’.

A window will appear showing the smartcard renewal process – this takes around three minutes. When it completes you will receive the message “Success: Certificate renewed for smartcard”

4. Once the self-renewal process is complete, log out by removing your smartcard, and log back in.  

At this point, you are free to sign digital prescriptions using this smartcard.

If you have any queries regarding this process, then please contact our National Service Desk on 0300 303 5035 who can guide you through it.

Last edited: 1 October 2020 2:50 pm