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National roll out schedule for EPS Phase 4

The roll out of EPS Phase 4 for TPP SystmOne started in November 2019, and EMIS is likely to begin in April 2020. The roll out plans for Vision and Microtest will be published soon. All GP practices in England using TPP SystmOne  and EMIS Web will soon be able to prescribe electronically for patients both with and without an EPS nomination.

TPP SystmOne and EMIS Web

The TPP SystmOne roll out started on 18 November 2019 and will continue over several months.  The EMIS Web roll out is likely to begin in April 2020.  

We are liaising with local clinical commissioning group (CCG) teams to arrange the roll out.

View the current national roll out schedule. We will continue to update this schedule with go live dates once they have been confirmed by local CCGs.

If you work at a GP practice, your CCG will normally contact you when they are ready to arrange your Phase 4 switch on date.

If you use TPP SystmOne and wish to enable Phase 4 then we recommend you contact your CCG and review the information on the GP practice webpage.  

Vision and Microtest

We are working closely with Vision and Microtest to confirm dates for their prescribing systems. Further updates will be published soon.

More information 

For information and best practice guidance about prescribing in EPS Phase 4, visit the main EPS Phase 4 page.

You can also contact your prescribing system supplier for information specific to your system.

Last edited: 24 March 2020 6:16 pm