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Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) Phase 4GP practice readiness checklist

Use this checklist, the fact sheet and information on NHS Digital website to prepare your practice team for Phase 4 of the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) – October 2020. 

Systems and business processes
  • Have all your staff read the fact sheet and additional information on EPS phase 4? 
  • Have you read and understood your system supplier guidance and disseminated it to all relevant staff?
  • Are all your staff aware of the EPS prescription tracker and can they use it to track prescriptions?
  • Are all staff involved in prescription processing set up to use EPS and do they have a valid smartcard with the correct permissions? Learn more about Smartcards
  • Ensure all non-medical prescribers are set up with their own professional ID, and never with a prescribing code (Prescription Pricing Authority (PPA) ID) that belongs to a medical prescriber. Check your system supplier guidance.
  • Ensure any medical prescribers without their own prescribing code (e.g. locums, registrars) are set up to use the PPA ID/code/stamp of another GP to sign EPS prescriptions. Check your system supplier guidance.
  • Have you reviewed your printer configuration and processes so that tokens print where you need them?
  • Have you converted existing repeat templates to ensure all items are dm+d mapped?
  • Have you spoken to patients on paper repeat dispensing (RD) about setting a nomination?
  • Have you signed up to receive NHS Digital service alerts? 
  • Do staff know how to raise business process issues with your CCG/CSU?
  • Do staff know that patients without a nomination must be given a paper token?
  • Have you let your local pharmacies know about your Phase 4 switch on date?
  • Do staff know which Dispensing Appliance Contractors (DACs) are unable to process EPS prescriptions and will therefore need FP10 prescriptions?
Patient communications
  • Are you displaying the patient poster in your practice? It is a data controller requirement that practices signpost patients to information at
  • If you have a TV or display screen, have you displayed the digital version of the poster?
  • Have you added information about Phase 4 to your website and social media?
  • Does your team understand the changes and can they explain them to patients?
Branches, cross-border, dispensing
  • If you have more than one site, are your patients registered under the correct branch location?
  • If you have any patients who regularly use a pharmacy outside of England, have you checked your system guidance for instructions on how to manage them?
  • If you are a dispensing practice and do not use EPS in your dispensary, check how your system supplier manages prescriptions for dispensing patients.

Read more about EPS phase 4.

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