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Nominating a pharmacy

To use the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS), patients must have nominated a chosen pharmacy. Nomination must be a patient's choice and cannot be altered without their consent.

About nomination

Patients must choose a pharmacy for their electronic prescription to be sent to. This is called nomination. Once a patient has nominated their chosen pharmacy, this preference will be stored (on the NHS Spine) unless the patient decides to change their nomination.

Explaining nomination

Both prescribers (such as a GP) or dispensers (such as a pharmacy) can talk to a patient about their nomination and record it on the Spine.

Patients must be fully informed about EPS before the nomination can be set on the system.

Patients who receive regular repeat prescriptions and use the same pharmacy most of the time will see the most benefit, but nomination is suitable for almost all patients.

All staff (including delivery drivers) should know about EPS and should be able to explain the nomination process to patients.

Nomination consent doesn't have to be in writing, but you do need to have an auditable process.

Record the nomination

Once the patient's nomination is set on the Pharmacy Medicine Record (PMR) system or GP system, it's immediately visible at both the patient's GP practice and at their nominated pharmacy.

Nomination should be set promptly, and once the nomination has been set any electronic prescriptions issued will be sent to the patient's nominated pharmacy. 

Nominations do not expire and cannot be changed without the patient's consent. 

Last edited: 11 April 2018 4:56 pm