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Generating and signing an electronic prescription

Within the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS), prescriptions must be generated and signed electronically by a prescriber before being sent to a patient's nominated pharmacy.

Generating electronic prescriptions

GP practice staff can prepare electronic prescriptions, which can then be sent to a prescriber to review on screen and sign electronically using their smartcard.

Electronic prescriptions can contain up to four items, and practice staff can add notes about the prescription/patient for the prescriber to view.

Assigning electronic prescriptions to an authorised prescriber

EPS allows GP practice staff to easily view all prescriptions waiting to be signed and which prescriber they have been assigned to. If they have been signed, practice staff are able to view which nominated pharmacy the electronic prescription has been sent to.

Practice staff may decide to assign one prescriber (sometimes the on-call GP) to sign all the electronic prescriptions one day, or they may choose to split them between all GPs in the practice.

If necessary, practice staff can reassign prescriptions to a different prescriber. This may be useful if a certain prescriber is busy or has left the surgery for a home visit - the electronic prescription can be reassigned to a different prescriber to be signed promptly.

When assigning an electronic prescription to a prescriber, practice staff can add notes (for example to let the prescriber know extra medication has been requested this month).

Signing electronic prescriptions

Prescribers should ensure that their smartcard has the correct roles assigned to allow them to sign a prescription. They can electronically sign prescriptions individually or select multiples to sign in bulk, and if necessary can view patient details on screen before applying their electronic signature.

Prescribers should consider appropriate times to sign prescriptions - they may wish to add a recurring diary entry to remind themselves to sign electronic prescriptions at certain times throughout the day.

Split prescriptions

On occasion, prescribers may need to issue split prescriptions. A split prescription is one which is separated into an electronic and a paper prescription.

Read more about split prescriptions.

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