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Dispensing system performance data by supplier

NHS Digital has been working with pharmaceutical dispensing system suppliers to make their Electronic Prescription Service more transparent and allow contractors to make informed decisions.

This page contains links to supplier sites providing information regarding their dispensing system.

We are pleased to confirm that all suppliers agreed to submit or make available, their performance data to NHS Digital. Users should note that data is provided voluntarily with no formal governance in place in addition performance may be measured differently by each supplier in accordance to their customer offering. Suppliers have been asked to include a narrative to detail how each measure is calculated.

We hope that collating dispensing system performance data in this way will:

  • make performance data more visible and accessible
  • allow comparison between the different service offerings

Dispensing supplier information

Dispensing supplier

Dispensing system

Self-published performance/KPI data - link


Proscript Link

Awaiting information

Boots UK


Awaiting information

Cegedim RX

Pharmacy Manager

Coming soon

Clanwilliam Health (RxWeb)


Awaiting information

Emis Health

Proscript Connect

Not provided

Invatech Health Titan Titan performance data



Awaiting information



Not provided

Positive Solutions




VCare V-RX Awaiting information 

Please note that performance/KPI metrics need to be viewed in the context supplied for each performance target. There is no set target across all patient medication record (PMR) system suppliers.

The statistics indicate the suppliers impacted and not necessarily defects with any system.

Last edited: 23 March 2022 7:34 am