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Electronic notifications from pharmacy to GP systems

The use of electronic notifications to securely share information about pharmacy administered flu vaccinations with GP practices has now rolled out to PharmOutcomes and TPP SystmOne users.



The electronic notifications from pharmacy to GP systems include "structured" information which means vaccine details can be added directly to a patient's GP record, without having to transcribe the information manually.   

The notifications are based on the pharmacy information flows data standard developed in partnership with the Professional Record Standard Body (PRSB).  

Roll out

Community pharmacies and GP practices in the North East and Yorkshire and North West areas had the functionality enabled on Wednesday 27 November 2019.

Roll out to community pharmacies and GP practices using PharmOutcomes and SystmOne was completed on 12 December 2019.

Information for GP practices

GP practices will still receive the full details of the vaccination in a PDF document and can add any additional information to the patient record manually as appropriate. In the unlikely event that the electronic message cannot be sent, pharmacies may revert to their existing processes, so GPs should continue to check for notifications received via NHSmail, fax or post. Further system guidance is available from TPP.

Information for community pharmacies

The way pharmacists record flu vaccinations in PharmOutcomes will not change. The system will check whether the patient’s GP practice can receive the new message type before sending it. If the electronic notification cannot be received, the system will automatically revert to the existing process. Further system guidance is available from Pinnacle.

Message standards

The content of the electronic notification is based on the pharmacy information flows data standard developed in partnership with the PRSB. The PRSB worked with clinicians from across primary care to develop and endorse the standard which covers vaccinations, the emergency supply of medicines and other community pharmacy services. 


A successful pilot took place in Leeds during September 2019 involving 81 GP practices and 113 community pharmacies. More than 2,500 electronic flu notifications were sent and received during the two-week pilot.

Next steps

This service will be piloted in other GP and pharmacy systems in the future. It will also be expanded to include notifications for other community pharmacy services such as the emergency supply of medicines.

Last edited: 2 March 2020 1:14 pm