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Enhancements to the Appointment Slot Issue process

Following on from the enhancements to the Appointment Slot Issue (ASI) process which were introduced in 2018, further functions will be made available from March 2019 onwards. This will make the process more efficient for providers.

These changes will be delivered in separate phases:

Phase 2 - 22 March 2019

Further enhancements, based on user research. For example, the ability for providers to redirect and book alternative services from the ASI worklist.

Providers are still able to book to the deferred service. New functionality allows the service to be changed to one that is more appropriate, or one that has capacity.

Further information on these changes can be found within the NHS e-Referral Service system help (N3 connection required).

Phase 3 - summer 2019

When reviewing referrals on the ASI worklist, providers will have the ability to select:

• ‘Return with Advice’ - to provide information back to the referrer

• ‘Accept and Refer/Book Later' - to allow the referral to be added to the Appointment for Booking worklist, with instructions for their administrative teams to manage.

The table below provides an overview of the ASI enhancements for both phases 2 and 3:

 Action taken


Phase 2

March 2019

Phase 3

Summer 2019

Admin staff book referral into same service without a review of the clinical referral information (‘Book appointment’ option selected)

Referral will appear on the Referrals for Review worklist



Referral reviewed – ‘Triage outcome’ selected – patient is booked into the same service (‘Review Referral’ option selected)

Referral is automatically accepted into the service (i.e. it will not appear on the Referrals for Review worklist)



Referral reviewed – triage outcome selected – referral is redirected to a different service

Referral will appear on the Referrals for Review worklist of the new service



Return to referrer with advice selected


Referral will no longer appear on any of the provider worklists

Referrer will see this on the Referrer Action Required worklist



Clinician accepts the referral and sends it to admin for booking (‘Accept and Refer/Book later’)

Referral will go onto the Appointments for Booking worklist



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