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Daily booking reports

Booking information can be gained by using e-RS reports and extracts

Daily booking reports are no longer available

Findings from NHS Digital's internal review of the daily booking report content has resulted in the publication of the reports to be withdrawn indefinitely.

Booking data is still available

We would like to remind users that aggregated booking data is available through the e-RS weekly booking reportsFor users with access to a smartcard, booking data is also available via the EBSX02 extract.

The monthly EBSX02 is available to provider organisations, and clinical commissioning groups, for users with the Information Analyst role on their smartcard. The EBSX02 contains all of the actions undertaken in the NHS e-Referral Service, including bookings.

To obtain the booking data, multiple EBSX02s need to be uploaded into a data warehouse. Then a SQL used to identify/obtain the first instance of a 1st Outpatient Booking, include all new 2WWs regardless of appointment type, and the first instances of 1st OP bookings in a pathway (such as where an assessment has been made and the same UBRN is used for the booking). This must be done using the supporting extracts to 'de-codify' the data.

Although this is not a straightforward process, an experienced information analyst should be able to set this up and produce booking information as soon as the new EBSX02 is received at the beginning of the month. This will replace the Daily Booking Reports, and also provide the booking data earlier than the previous 8 week delay associated with the Daily Booking Report publication timetable.

Further information

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Last edited: 8 April 2020 2:57 pm