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Part of Referral screen changes

Phase 1 - new referral summary screen and formatting changes

Find out about the first phase of changes which were introduced in June 2021.

Current Chapter

Current chapter – Phase 1 - new referral summary screen and formatting changes


Find out about the first phase of changes which were introduced in June 2021.

What we have changed

We have introduced a new referral summary screen which details all the information relevant to the referral in one place.

This replaces the previous action drop-down menu which was displayed when users selected a UBRN.

A selection of other referring screens have also been updated with new formatting. 

The main user benefit from this change is for all referral information to be now displayed in one location. 

Users should note that there are no changes to:

  • functionality
  • provider screens, even when referring onwards

How the referral summary screen looks

Referral summary screen

The user will get to this screen by selecting a UBRN from:

  • the patient activity list
  • any worklist
  • any of the reports
  • any of the enquiries

Where an action drop down box currently appears this will be replaced by this screen. 

From this screen the user can:

  • view the status of the referral - the screen contains and consolidates all relevant information about the referral (such as referral letter, advice and guidance conversations, other clinical comments/dialogues such as rejection comments and the referral history)
  • ensure important updates/responses to referrals are not missed
  • progress or work on a referral

All actions that could previously be performed from the patient activity list or the worklists can still be done from this screen.

New Close button

Referral summary screen with close button indicated

The introduction of a new Close button allows users to close the referral summary screen and return them to the screen they accessed the referral from. This could be either the patient activity list, a worklist, an enquiry or a report.

Referral status and defining referral states

referral summary screen with referral defining state and status indicated

The referral example above shows a ‘BOOKED’ referral status. No changes have been made to these defining status descriptions. Referrals with different status are displayed further down this page.

The section highlighted in the image indicates:

  • the action required for the referral, in the top message bar. In this example ‘Missing referral letter/clinical information’
  • the defining state of the referral. In this example, ‘BOOKED’. Other defining states are: not booked, incomplete, deferred to provider, rejected, did not attend, triage – provider to action, appt cancelled by provider, appt cancelled by patient, assessment result, awaiting triage, triage response, cancelled referral

Action button

referral summary screen with referral action button indicated

The actions available on the Action dropdown will be relative to the referral/request status. 

Referral information section

Referral summary screen with referral information section indicated

Only information relative to the referral/request will be displayed. In the example image, the information displays:

The date the letter is due – if this letter was overdue a red label would be displayed indicating this.

The service the referral is booked into - an unbooked referral may display several services which have been shortlisted for the patient. Selecting the service name link will display further information.

An appointment date, if booked.

The option to print the letter is displayed if there is information available.

Users may also see instructions for the patient in this area, if the provider has added these.

Referral details

Referral summary screen with the referral details section indicated

The referral details section displays all the information relating to how the referral has been raised. This will also include ‘Requested named clinician’ field if the referral was initiated using named clinicians clinic search.

The download summary link will produce a PDF of the clinical summary (which users can currently download).


Referral summary screen with the attachments section indicated

Attachments can be added from the link shown above or from the Action button if, for example, the referral letter is missing.

Once the information is added the action will be removed from the Action button menu.

If clinical information is attached to the referral, the option to add further information will not be displayed on the Action button. Any attachments from a GP integrated system will also be displayed on the referral summary screen (an image of this is provided further down this page).

Referral attachment screen with the no attachments displayed showing the Link advice attachment button
Selecting to add or remove attachments will display a newly formatted screen above. From here, users can select locally saved clinical information to attach to the referral or remove attachments which are no longer required.

As the example image above was initiated as an advice and guidance request there is an option to ‘Link advice attachments’ to the referral. This function was previously available in the e-RS system.

Referral attachment screen with the no attachments displayed

If the referral was not initiated as an advice and guidance, the above screen will appear when adding or amending clinical information through web-based e-RS.

Referral summary screen with the attachments added from both e-RS and through the GP integrated system

When attachments are added to a referral the files are displayed on the referral summary screen in the attachments section.

The image above show how the clinical information (added from a GP integrated system) will be shown under a ‘Clinical information’ section.

This section will only be visible if information has been attached. Current rules apply, meaning users can only update these documents from their system. An ‘Open all’ option allows all the GP clinical information added to be expanded.

No changes have been made to how files are attached or the size of the file/s which can be attached.

Additional requirements

Referral summary screen with the additional requirement section indicated Additional requirements can be added or updated using the link indicated. Selecting this will display a newly formatted screen (as shown below).

Additional requirements screen

Other reformatted screens

Cancelling referrals

When cancelling a referral, the referrer should ensure they select the most appropriate reason for the cancellation.

For example, if a triage response has been received informing that the provider will be booking or managing the patient’s referral outside of e-RS then the reason of ‘Other’ should be selected and the appropriate comments entered.

Cancel referral screen

Choosing to cancel the referral from the action menu will present the above screen. A reason must be selected and a comment for the Continue button to be activated.

Cancel referral confirmation screen

A confirmation screen will be presented. Selecting the Confirm button will present the following screen.

Cancel referral screen confirming the cancellation has been successful

In the example above where a provider is to book or manage the patient’s referral outside of e-RS, then any contact with the patient is now the responsibility of the provider and the practice does not need to contact the patient.

Removing UBRNs from the worklist

Referral summary screen showing the remove from worklist button displayed

Selecting the Remove from worklist button will display the following screen.

Remove from worklist screen

Selecting the ‘Ok – remove from worklist’ button will complete the action.

Emailing booking instructions

Referral summary screen showing the send patient email link

When selecting the ‘Send patient email’ option, the following screen will be displayed. The email option will only be shown if the patient has registered with NHS Login.

Check patient email screen

If the email address is incorrect the patient will need to change this through NHS Login.

Selecting ‘Yes – send email’ will return the user to the referral summary screen.

Other changes

Go back to referral summary

Referral summary screen highlighting the go back to referral summary link

When actioning referrals user will notice a ‘Go back to referral summary’ link at the top of the screen.

Selecting this will return users back to the referral summary screen and will not save any changes made on the action screen.

Referral status messages when action complete

When a user completes an action and returned to the referral summary screen the status message will confirm the completed action.

The image below shows when attachment information has been amended.

Referral summary screen showing a status message confirming the attachment section has been updated

Referral status option

The referral status continue to be:

  • Booked
  • Not booked
  • Incomplete
  • Deferred to provider
  • Rejected
  • Did not attend
  • Triage – provider to action
  • Appt cancelled by provider
  • Appt cancelled by patient
  • Assessment result
  • Awaiting triage
  • Triage response
  • Cancelled referral

The following images show how some of these are displayed.

Referral summary screen showing a referral awaiting triage


Referral summary screen showing an unbooked referral


Referral summary screen showing a referral that has been deferred to the provider

Supporting information

A video covering the changes in this phase is available.

Last edited: 7 October 2021 3:14 pm