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Part of Referral screen changes

An overview of the changes

Find out more about the changes for all (initial) referring users.


Find out more about the changes for all (initial) referring users.


Extensive user research has been undertaken to identify pain points for referring users who use e-RS.

The research discovered that generally users found it difficult to:

  • understand what action was required from them
  • know what the current state of the referral was
  • navigate and complete tasks

Based on these points three key areas of improvement were identified:

  • referral summary screen – provide a screen which details all the information of the referral in one place
  • use of worklists – changing how these are displayed to provide users with clearer and more valuable information 
  • referral workflows – streamlining workflows to allow users to navigate easier and information to be displayed better 

Principles have been agreed to ensure the work carried out will refresh and modernise the referrer user experience.

No new features will be added, and where possible, functionality which is no longer required will be removed.

What we are changing

The following changes are being delivered in a phased approach. This allows improvements to be introduced sooner and offers early feedback to help with future development.

Phase 1: Implemented in June 2021

Introduction of the new referral summary screen - provides a screen which details all the information that is relevant to the referral in one place. This replaces the previous action dropdown menu which was displayed when users select a UBRN.

A selection of other referring screens have also be updated with new formatting. 

Phase 2: Implemented in November 2021

Enhancements were made to referrer worklists to display a dashboard type format to provide users with clearer and more valuable information.

Some worklists have been separated to better present the referral status improving visibility for users.

New labels on the dashboard screen will allow users to easily see new and overdue referrals, as well as improved dynamic filtering options.

Phase 3: 2022 (date to be confirmed)

Improvements to referral workflows will streamline the process, allowing easier navigation and a clearer display of information.

As well as enhancing the way users navigate, the reformatting of all the referring screens will be completed. 

Users should expect the following workflows/screens to be different:

  • creating a referral
  • advice and guidance
  • booking an appointment
  • printing/emailing patient information

The changes in this phase will enhance service searching, displaying only relevant data for the referral, providing consistent screens for all tasks and the removal of pop-up windows.

Who the changes will affect

Only the following user roles will be impacted when the changes are made:

  • referring clinicians
  • referrer clinician admin
  • referring admin

No changes will be made to provider user screens. This includes where providers onward refer.

When the changes will happen

Phase 1: June 2021 – introduced the new referral summary screen.

Phase 2: November 2021 – enhancements will be made to referrer worklists.

Phase 3: date to be confirmed – improvement to referral workflows.

End-user support

Information on the support available will be communicated to users through the e-RS alert function prior to the changes being delivered.

Help information will also be displayed when a user enters a changed screen for the first time.

The example below shows how this information was displayed for phase one of the changes. In this instance there were five help messages explaining different parts of the new screen.

Users should read these using the 'Next' link. Once read, the 'Close' option on the final message should be selected to permanently remove the help information.

Referral summary screen with help information displayed on the screen

Phase 1 – new referral summary screen and other screens that have been reformatted 

See a video covering the changes in this phase:


Phase 2 – referrer worklist changes

See a video covering the changes in thus phase. A version of this video without the background music is available on request.

Phase 3 – changes to referral workflows

More information on this change will be added to this page nearer the delivery date.


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