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Training for providers - NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS)

Find quick reference guides and e-learning materials, and find out how to access our training environments, which mirrors the live system.

Skype training sessions available

Help function

If you need help within the NHS e-Referral Service system, you can use the Help function. If you're on an N3 connection, you can access the help files without logging in. 

Training materials

Many of the learning materials below are also located on the e-Learning for Healthcare (e-LfH) Learning Management System. If you haven’t got an e-LfH account, please register

Quick Reference Guides (QRG)

Service Providers worklist filters.

Service providers with clinical assessment functionality (CAS)  

Service Provider Clinicians of Directly Bookable Services (DBS) QRG

Service Provider Clinicians of Indirectly Bookable Services (IBS) QRG.

MS Word versions of the quick reference guides a can be requested by emailing the programme team.


Managing Clinical Assessment Service referrals - the basics.

Video demonstrations

This demonstration video shows a typical patient journey using e-RS:

Specific functionality guidance

Find out how to process Did Not Attend (DNA) referrals

Find out about Referral Assessment Services

Find out about enhancements to the appointment slot issues process

Further guidance information can be found in our document library

Training resources

e-RS trainer resources - resources to support delivering e-RS training are available.

Training environments

National Training Forum

Synthetic test data guidance - please read the following guidance document if you are considering using test patient/services in the live e-RS environment.

Independent sector

Independent sector organisations are responsible for ensuring that staff members have the skills and knowledge to set up services and process referrals in a timely and clinically appropriate way. We provide specific independent sector provider guidance and further information through our NHS Business Partners page.

Organisations commissioning services from providers that are new to e-RS have a responsibility to support the provider to:

The materials we provide support these requirements, but we recommend that local training is also provided.

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