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Important future changes to the NHS e-Referral Service

National guidance has been published setting clear expectations for health and care organisations who want to use cloud services, and who want to remove dependency on N3 or HSCN networks in order to provide access to its systems to a wider set of users over the public Internet.

In response to the government and NHS Digital drive to increase accessibility to NHS systems, the NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS) will introduce additional URLs in early September 2019 which will allow users to access the professional application, API endpoints and partner test systems via the internet. 

Please note that all organisations will continue to be able to access the NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS) via its existing URLs on N3/HSCN. This is a change to the previous communications. 


For patients currently accessing Manage Your Referral at, there will be no requirement to take any action. The relevant link to access the e-RS patient application (Manage Your Referral) on the page will be updated with no impact to users.

Patients who access Manage Your Referral directly should ideally update any saved browser bookmarks after the introduction of the new URL in September 2019. However, please note that any patient attempting to access the service using the old URL will be redirected to the new one (

Professional Users

All users accessing the professional application via N3/HSCN will continue to be able to do so via the existing URL Additionally, professional users will also be able to access the service over the internet using  but will still require N3/HSCN connection to be able to authenticate via smartcard. 

IT Departments/Suppliers

IT departments/suppliers will need to ensure that the full N3/HSCN address range can be accessed by all of their users. View the full technical detail.

Integrated System Suppliers

Integrated system suppliers who connect to e-RS path-to-live (PTL) environments will also need to ensure that they can access the full N3/HSCN IP address range. View the full technical detail.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact the e-RS technical team at

Last edited: 25 July 2019 12:49 pm