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Essential technical upgrades - NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS)

Updated:  4 February 2021 - A phased approach to delivering a number of technical upgrades to maintain the service ensuring the reliability, security and performance of the service.

Phase 1 and 2

These phases were completed in 2020 and delivered enhancements in line with NHS Digital’s organisational strategy and industry best practice to further underpin the reliability of the service. Upgrading of the core infrastructure components, including operating system to ensure the latest technology, was applied to support future developments.

Phase 3 & 4

Further changes are planned during 2021. These will introduce:

  • further upgrades to core components, to ensure a strong security position
  • integration with other NHS Digital services to provide more options to authenticate to e-RS, both for the professional application and the Application Programming Interfaces
  • Improvements to the management and delivery of e-RS

Last edited: 4 February 2021 10:07 am