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Maternity Digital Maturity Assessment project

NHS Digital is working with maternity services to help them achieve their digital transformation ambitions. 

The Digital Maturity Assessment (DMA) ran from April to June 2018, and was completed by all 135 maternity services providers in England. 

Progress so far

The materials produced as part of the maternity digital maturity assessment project are available on NHS England’s website.

In April 2018 NHS Digital launched an online platform for the maternity digital maturity assessment. All 135 maternity services providers in England completed this self-assessment between April and June 2018.

The maternity digital maturity assessment project is part of 'Harnessing Digital Technology', workstream 7 of NHS England's Maternity Transformation Programme.

The materials that have been produced as part of the maternity digital maturity project are available on NHS England’s website. The most important outputs are:

44 Local Maternity Services (LMS) reports

Recommendations for each individual LMS have been published and shared, which will help services to identify their strengths and weaknesses and develop their digital plans.  

Local Maternity Services Digital Maturity Assessment (LMS DMA) reports are stored on the NHS England maternity transformation programme site. The reports provide a more individualised local view of the LMS digital landscape in their area, and include examples of both good practice and how good services are run.

Please email for further details.

The National Maternity DMA report

The national maternity DMA report provides a national picture of digital maturity in maternity and includes examples of best practice.

It is intended to signpost to resources that are useful to individual maternity providers, at a wider LMS level and nationally. Frequently visited pages include what a good maternity system may look like, supporting maternity services to consider functionality when proposing a new system and the role of the digital midwife job description toolkit. 

Watch NHS England's short film about the national maternity digital maturity assessment.  

The maternity DMA toolkit and DMA data viewer

The Maternity DMA Toolkit has been launched as a collaborative platform. Access has been provided to 135 digital leaders within maternity services and 44 LMS digital leaders. It hosts useful resources and materials including the Maternity DMA Data Viewer, a tool which allows maternity digital leaders to interact with the DMA data to gain insights by cutting and comparing the information in different ways based on their needs.

If you have any queries or comments, about the digital maturity project, please contact the digital maternity team at:

Further information

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