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Local Maternity Systems (LMS) Digital Leaders Forum and Digital Midwives Expert Group

These groups provide digital leaders, working in maternity, the opportunity to learn about current, national initiatives, network and share best practice. 

LMS Digital Leaders Forum

All 44 of the Local Maternity Systems (LMS) from across England have been invited to provide representation at the LMS digital leaders forum.

This group has an important role in supporting our projects and contributing requirements from professional stakeholders across the country. As well as supporting local maternity systems to develop local visions and plans for digital, this network also supports the Better Births ambition of providers and commissioners working together to agree common standards and protocols.

In early 2019, over 120 digital leaders attended our digital maturity regional events, held around the country. These events were an important step in building regional collaboration and supporting a drive to increase digital maturity amongst maternity systems.

We will continue to support the local maternity systems digital leaders forum throughout 2020 with further meetings of the group where digital leaders will be encouraged to establish new connections, gain new insights and build their networks by working with other maternity services across the country. 

Digital Midwives Expert Reference Group

The digital midwives expert reference group brings together digital midwives from around the country. The group meets twice a year to discuss the digital challenges and successes they experience, providing valuable input into the work of the digital maternity programme.

Now in its fourth year the group is open to registered midwives, representing their maternity service within an acute trust, and attendees need to have support from their head of midwifery to attend. Attendees are encouraged to share what they learn from the group with their maternity management team and associated local maternity service.

To learn more about the forum, or to find out if your maternity service is represented please email for more information. 

Or you can follow their conversations at #digitalmaternity on twitter. 

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