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Your opportunity to make a difference in child health services


We are seeking participants to support a new and exciting child health services project. GPs, practice managers and practice administrators are invited to shape the future National Failsafe Management Service. This service is part of the wider National Events Management Service, which aims to ensure that all children in England receive the standard programme of care defined by the Healthy Child Programme.

Call for primary care participation in shaping national digital service

No specialist digital knowledge is necessary to be a participant, just a passion for improving health services and willingness to get involved. 
This project offers:

  • a unique opportunity to assist our digital and technical experts at a national level
  • involvement in a programme that aims to safeguard the health and wellbeing of children
  • a chance to provide insight and guidance to teams working at the forefront of new digital technologies
  • an opportunity to define a national capability, to ensure that every child in England receives the right standard of care
  • time commitment of half a day to a day per month from June to November 2018

We are developing a digital system for population tracking and screening called the National Failsafe Management Service (NFMS). The service will use information from the National Events Management Service (NEMS) to tell systems where a child is and which professionals are caring for them.

It will prompt parents about important health interventions for their child and guide professionals to deliver the standard programme of care. The system will send alerts to subscribers if  actions are not undertaken.

Over the next 6 months we will be designing the requirements and business rules which are fundamental to the delivery of a successful failsafe capability.

Context and background

The Healthy Children Strategy commissioned by NHS England was published in November 2016. The strategy sets out the case for transforming the way information is handled in children’s health services. It suggests that making health information interoperable – translating it into messages which can be exchanged – is the best way of achieving the objectives of:

  • knowing where every child is and how healthy they are
  • giving appropriate access to information for all involved in the care of children

Public Health England, the NHS Outcomes Framework 2015/16, the Five Year Forward View and the Children and Families Act 2014 have all stressed that a focus on children’s health is essential and that we should be striving to provide the best start in life possible for our children.

The strategy contains a vision for a Digital Child Health Hub and defines a set of digital services to be delivered. This includes the delivery of a national failsafe capability to support direct care to improve outcomes for children.  

Failsafe has been described within this programme as processes to ensure that appropriate services are allocated to support the delivery of the healthy child programme. Failsafe processes should ensure that both parents/carers and professionals have the information available to confirm appropriate interventions have occurred with details of the outcomes. 

A national digital capability is being delivered for failsafe management of the child population in England aged 0 – 19; this is called the National Failsafe Management Service (NFMS).  NFMS will use the event data and information captured from the National Events Management Service (NEMS).

What we are looking for

We are seeking:  

  • General Practitioners
  • Practice Managers
  • Practice Administrators 

These are advisory roles to support the National Failsafe Management Service project (part of the Digital Child Health Programme). 

Half a day to a day per month is all that is required to support to this project. This will include:

  • attendance at meetings
  • offering advice, guidance and support either in person or by email or telephone
  • reviewing documentation

This will provide you with an opportunity to work with a team of clinical, technical and front line delivery colleagues. You will help to define the solutions to deliver a national programme that will transform children’s health services over the next decade.

For the GP role only:

  • experienced clinician (Paediatric Medicine) 
  • experience of effective clinical engagement 
  • promotes the clinical governance framework at all times through a strategic understanding of clinical risk and clinical safety
  • understands the evidence based principles of change that support successful adoption of national and local informatics into service settings and professional practice 

For all roles:

  • knowledge of clinical informatics initiatives and a passion for digitisation of the health and care system
  • knowledge and experience of the Healthy Child Programme and what the aims of this are
  • effective working with stakeholders, professional communities and system users to ensure high quality clinical input into the activities of NHS Digital
  • proven oral and written communication skills, with a proven ability to clearly articulate complex and challenging messages to varied audiences where there are barriers to understanding or resistance to the content
  • understands the safe, legal and ethical use of information across systems, services and in clinical practice

Expressions of interest

Please send expressions of interest to by 24 July 2018.

About NHS Digital

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Our values and behaviours

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