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Digital First online consultation and video consultation framework

The new Digital First Online Consultation and Video Consultation (DFOCVC) framework will provide a streamlined route for supplying and purchasing assured online consultation and video consultation systems and will also be open to other care settings beyond primary care. It is the second framework to launch under the Digital Care Services framework Catalogue agreement.


For buyers

The framework establishes a single route for commissioners to buy nationally assured online consultation and video consultation products. This has been achieved by bringing together the Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) and the relevant GP IT Futures video consultation capabilities into a single new framework.

The benefits of the new framework are that it provides

  • greater assurance of products on behalf of customers compared to previous procurement routes.
  • centralised processes in place for management of any serious incidents that arise in relation to framework products (aligned with GPIT Futures).
  • more opportunities for aligning product development – for example, to promote interoperability with foundation systems. 
  • greater transparency on pricing.
  • more opportunities to differentiate products on the basis of the functionality they provide

For suppliers

This new framework simplifies arrangements for suppliers by creating a single set of consistent requirements and standards for online consultation and video consultation tools, under the umbrella of the Digital Care Services catalogue. The framework makes it easier for suppliers to present their products to buyers, to explain the unique selling points of their solutions and to demonstrate compliance with overarching standards

More information

More information on the framework can be found by visiting the Digital Care Service Catalogue Buyers guide or by emailing the NHS Procurement hub.

Further information

internal Digital Care Services catalogue

The Digital Care Services (DCS) catalogue allows users to buy assured digital tools and systems through approved assurance frameworks. It creates an open, competitive market encouraging companies to invest in primary care.

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