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Developer resources

NHS Digital creates a wide range of resources for developers through our health developer network, and participates in a number of other initiatives.

NHS Digital runs the health developer network at   

We are currently working on how we give developers the best possible experience.

Supported initiatives

NHS Digital is commited to supporting the developer communities to build the best possible resources for health and social care.

As well as our own resources on this site, and on, we support a number of other communities.




Code4Health is a community supported by NHS Digital which helps developers make best us of the available digital tools and technology.  The communities of Code4Health look to bring people together to improve patient outcomes.  There are communities around many different interest areas.


openhealthhub is a discussion form for digital health, with threads on a wide range of topics related to developing for health and social care.

FHIR chat

The FHIR chat forum is a place to discuss the FHIR standard (pronounced 'fire').  FHIR is an international standard used by NHS Digital for creating APIs.  Log-in or account required.

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