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Good data and cyber security is our shared responsibility. Individual health and care organisations are accountable for their own cyber security, and all staff across the NHS have a role to play. Cyber and security threats have a direct impact on our patients.


This campaign has been designed to run at any time during the year and for any duration. This will help it to fit around your other communications campaigns.


Get involved with our campaign

Before you start

We would encourage you to download and circulate our pre and post event evaluation surveys with staff in your trust to get an idea about their understanding before you run the campaign. This will also help you to evaluate its success after you have promoted the campaign.


Download our campaign materials

We have a number of campaign materials available to download, so you can get involved by:


  • printing and displaying our leaflets and posters in your trust
  • sharing our assets on your social media channels
  • adding digital banners on your trust's intranet site
  • using the pop-up banners for events and physical spaces
  • using our campaign post-it notes as a prompt for staff working in offices and workstation areas
  • installing our screensavers on staff computers
  • using our animated films on your intranet, or as part of your email communications
  • using the copy provided in your communications to staff
  • using the pre-approved quotes and testimonials to support your communications to staff
  • sharing your stories and examples of staff and teams who are championing good cyber security behaviours
  • providing your feedback so that we can continue to build on and improve our assets


Last edited: 2 October 2019 8:24 am