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Data Registers Service: getting started

Instructions on how to query and download data from the reference data register.

Download registers to .csv file

Alongside the API endpoints, users can choose to download registers to a .csv.

Once you've chosen the relevant schema option (which will usually be ‘dbo’), you can choose the register you are interested in by selecting from the drop-down list.  You'll be presented with a summary of the metadata associated with the registers - for example, field name and data type. You can choose to query the data by choosing to view the following records:

  1. Latest
  2. Archived
  3. All

The default view is ‘Latest’. Once you've chosen either of the above options, and selected the blue ‘Query’ option, you'll be presented with a limited view of the data and offered the option to ‘Download’ the data.

Some registers such as POSTCODE and ONS_POPULATION_V2 are very large, containing millions of records, and will result in the creation of several .csv files.

Most of our registers are history versioned “Type 2” (see ‘Supporting information’ pages for more information) and when selected you will have the options to select either “Latest”, “Archived” or “All” data for the register. Please see example below.

Data registers navigation buttons

However some of our registers employ a full refresh update method (see ‘Supporting information’ pages for more information); when these table are selected you will only have the option to query “All” data for the register, please see example below.

Data registers Query button


Screenshot of data registers download tool

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