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Register of approved data releases

Our data release registers are a record of all the data we have shared with other organisations.

DARS data release register

NHS Digital's Release Register is published every month and provides information on data released under Data Sharing Agreements. It covers activity for the preceding month plus any amendments/additions to older releases.

It lists organisations by name, the type of data released, the legal basis for release, the purpose for which the data was provided and an indication whether patient opt-outs were applied to the dataset before release. In the main, the Release Register includes a line per physical file disseminated.

Our patient opt-out policy explains when opt-outs do and do not apply in more detail.

When reviewing the release register the application of opt-outs may, at face value, appear inconsistent because the application is determined by considering the combination of data items being released. For example, whether the data are classed as confidential patient information, and the legal basis under which those data are released. Certain specific legal bases are exempt from having opt-outs applied.

Review the 'Read me' tab at the front of the release register for details of other changes.

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National Back Office data release register

View the National Back Office (NBO) Data Release Register

This contains both Tracing service activity and Demographics Batch Service Bureau activity.

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) release register

Releases of NHS Digital data which are within the NHS Digital and Office for National Statistics jointly controlled Public Health Research Database (DSA NIC-420710-X0H1P) will be included in the ONS Release Register.

COVID-19 (non-DARS) data release register

The COVID-19 data release register contains details of the releases approved through a process which has been implemented specifically for COVID-19.

For further details on the programmes these releases relate to and the statutory basis which have been used see NHS Digital response to coronavirus (COVID-19).


To provide feedback that can be considered in producing future versions of the release register, please email

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