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Linked datasets supporting health and care delivery and research

NHS Digital produces a variety of linked datasets as part of data processing. Many of these are available to users by request through the Data Access Request Service (DARS) Process. Others are at a prototype stage.

The Delivering linked datasets to support health and care delivery and research [Archive Content] document was published in April 2018.

It describes the current state of data linkage in NHS Digital, what we’re working towards, how you can access data and how you can work with us to improve the quality, utility and availability of linked data to benefit the health and social care system. 

Further information

internal Data Access Request Service (DARS)

The Data Access Request Service (DARS) can offer clinicians, researchers and commissioners the data required to help improve NHS services. We handle applications, process data and provide access to specific sets of data when requests are approved.

internal Data Access Request Service (DARS): process

A summary of the stages you'll need to navigate in your application for data. The DARS process consists of the following stages: Enquiry, Application, Approval, Access, Audit and Deletion of data.

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