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Data sharing standard 3c - Patient Objections

This standard is part of a series of guidance documents to support the various stages of a DARS application.

Standard description

Whether patient objections will be upheld must be stated in the application. This is determined by NHS Digital.

Patient objections are upheld by default unless a valid justification is given. Examples of standard wording that may apply are:

  1. The data flows do not include identifying data. In this case, the disclosure does not breach the duty of confidentiality.
  2. The data flows include identifying data where consent has been given.
  3. Other exemptions apply in line with the current Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) policy on patient objections

The issue of when and whether patient objections/the national data opt-out are applied is based upon DHSC policy. See our guidance for health and care staff.

Last edited: 19 August 2019 7:51 am