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Data sharing standard 5a - Objective for Processing

This standard is part of a series of guidance documents to support the various stages of a DARS application.


Standard description

An application for data shall clearly explain the aim and purpose of this application.

Provide a brief explanation of the Article 6 justification of processing the data (such as legitimate interest). If multiple sections of Article 6 are being used, then it should be made clear which purposes are covered under which section.

Provide a brief explanation of the public interest (for processing under Article 9(2)(i) and (j)), or substantial public interest (if processing under Article 9(2)(g)). Ask yourself:

  • are there any moral or ethical issues raised by the proposed dissemination?
  • what is the risk of potential harm to the public by the dissemination?

Confirm that where the processing meets the requirement in point (g) of Article 9(2) of the General Data Protection Regulations for a basis in the law of the United Kingdom or a part of the United Kingdom it also meets a condition in Part 2 of Schedule 1 of the Data Protection Act 2018.

Explain how the data requested will achieve the aim identified.

Provide any relevant background to the request - for example, a longitudinal research study or a funded programme of work which commenced in XX year.

Clearly explain the relationship between the proposed project under this application and any wider project, collaboration, associated work or follow up. The scope of data use should be clearly identified - for example, where the data is used in a project which is a component of a larger programme or where the project consists of multiple phases the application should clearly identify the scope of the data use.

Clearly describe the data subjects, including, for example, control and cohort groups 

Clearly explain the purpose of the request. You should:

  1. Provide detailed information about the purpose of the project under this application.
  2. Say what data is required.
  3. Say why the data is required for the purpose. This section should include:
    • justification for the datasets requested
    • justification for the level of data (identifying, pseudonymised, unsuppressed aggregated)
    • justification for the number of years requested
    • justification for the geographical spread of the data requested
    • confirmation there are no alternative, less intrusive ways of achieving the purpose
  4. Provide details of any efforts taken to minimise the data required.

Explain which organisations are involved, including:

  1. Who the Data Controller is (sole, joint) and who the Data Processor is.
  2. Whether there are any organisations which are involved in the wider project (but not processing the data) and if so the nature of their role.
  3. Whether there are any funders/commissioners involved and if so the nature of their role.

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