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Data sharing standard 5d - Expected Measurable Benefits

This standard is part of a series of guidance documents to support the various stages of a DARS application.

Standard description (including yielded benefits):

1. How does the dissemination benefit the provision of health care or adult social care or the promotion of health?

2. Specify how the dissemination is in the public interest in the context of the expected measurable benefits described?

3. How will the outputs achieve the stated purposes (and thus the benefits of processing).

4.  Where data is being processed as a “legitimate interest “Article 6(1)(f), it should be clear how the legitimate interest is fulfilled through the benefits.

5. The application should explain the benefits of this particular data dissemination (and how it contributes to the project’s overall impact, if part of a wider project)

6. The benefits should be adequately explained with a realistic and comprehensive framework for dissemination.

7. The  benefits described could include detail of the following:

  1. What action/change/decision is likely to happen as a result of the outputs
  2. What is the magnitude of the impact? (e.g. number of patients affected/potential cost and efficiency savings)
  3. Who will achieve the benefit? Will this be the controller/funder/other third party
  4. How will it be measured?
  5. When will it be achieved?

8. Applications to renew/extend a data sharing agreement should provide some narrative in the yielded benefits:

  1. How have the outputs achieved the stated purposes (and thus the benefits of processing)?
    1. Where data was processed as a “legitimate interest “ (Article 6(1)(f)), it should be clear how the legitimate interest is fulfilled through the benefits.
  2. If no yielded benefits have been achieved, this should be explained in this section.

9. Is the study in support of a PhD/post graduate research study?


Last edited: 30 November 2022 8:32 am