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Migrating from Healthcare Data Interrogation Service (HDIS) to DAE

We are committed to improving access to the data we hold and providing robust, sustainable technology and tools to support our customers. As part of this commitment, we’re migrating HDIS (Healthcare Data Interrogation Service) to the new DAE service. This is the first service to be migrated to Data Access Environment (DAE) and HDIS users will benefit from fast, secure access to better-linked data and powerful tools for deeper analysis. 

Data sharing agreements

HES data will be available in DAE in accordance with your data sharing agreement.  We are in the process of amending HDIS customers data sharing agreements to grant access to DAE.

NHS Digital will:

  • amend your data sharing agreement to grant access to DAE
  • contact you directly about your next steps for accessing online HES data using DAE, following the successful migration of your data sharing agreement. 

VMware and RSA tokens are not required for accessing DAE. RSA tokens will need to be returned to NHS Digital when requested to do so. 

HDIS availability extended until September

To support transition, we’re extending the availability of the legacy HDIS system until Friday 27 September.

Last edited: 26 July 2019 10:57 am