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Clinical Audit Management Service

The Clinical Audit Management Service delivers all elements of the full clinical audit lifecycle, from the development of the audit's questions and scope, to local and national feedback and reporting.

What is the Clinical Audit Management Service?

The Clinical Audit Support Unit (CASU) is a provider of national clinical audits, formerly known as the National Clinical Audit Support Unit (NCASP).

The CASU service provides a wealth of clinical audit, project management, analytical expertise, informatics and practical experience to any new audit venture.

Our current, varied, portfolio spans across both primary and secondary care and includes diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

The audits provide access to accurate and comparative data so that care can be assessed against agreed clinical standards and used to improve patient outcomes.

The audits also support a number of national initiatives:

  • Regulation of Health Professionals
  • National Cancer Peer Review
  • Care Quality Commission Reviews
  • Quality Accounts
  • NICE and Professional Guidance
  • Commissioning Outcomes Framework
  • Clinical Indicators
  • NHS.UK
  • Peer Review Publications
  • Cancer Reform Strategy
  • National Service Framework

CASU commissioners include the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership, Department of Health, NHS England, Royal College of Surgeons and University of York.


  • The National Diabetes Audit shows that more patients are receiving the 9 key care processes recommended by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), 6.56 per cent in 2003/4 to 47.37 per cent in 2008/9
  • We have provided evidence to show that local services are clinically and cost effective by meeting the standards set by the Department of Health, the Healthcare Commission and NICE
  • Made data available on inpatient complications to inform patients of risks of different treatments.
  • Identified regional variation in provision of care and informed patient choice. For example The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation used data published by the National Lung Cancer Audit to create an interactive map that allows users to see how a local area is performing in the delivery of key aspects of care for lung cancer patients.
  • Provided information to NHS.UK, putting people in control of their own healthcare
  • Our audits have been highlighted as benchmarks for other European audits.
  • Supported clinical review and improvement through timely feedback, analysis and reporting.

Our success is built on our collaborative working with the relevant professional bodies and the Royal Colleges. We involve patient representatives, professionals in both primary and secondary care, and national policy leads in the development of the audits. This guarantees that the audit is clinically relevant and able to support national policy initiatives.

Who is the service for?

The scope and structure of the Clinical Audit Management Service means we are in a position to support a range of clinical audit requirements from public, private and third sector organisations.

How do I access the service?

CASU are able to provide their customers with a modular or full delivery approach to delivering a clinical audit. The CASU team will work closely with customers to establish the audit requirements and the services that the would best suit these requirements.

If you are interested in discussing an opportunity for us to support you in clinical audit management please contact us at

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