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Prototyping CP-IS in New Settings

Take a look at the prototype status for additional settings for the Child Protection Information Sharing project.

What we are doing and why

CP-IS is currently live across all the following settings: 

  • emergency departments 
  • minor injury units 
  • walk-in centres 
  • GP out-of-hours services 
  • maternity units 
  • paediatric wards 
  • ambulance services 

Additional settings have contacted NHS Digital directly expressing an interest in accessing CP-IS within their site. They have a business need to be able to check whether a child is on a plan and a responsibility to ensure the paramountcy of the child. 

How we are doing it

We have a legal and Information governance basis in place to do some time limited prototypes at these settings in order to assess their suitability for wider implementation. These settings are already connected to the NHS Spine, have already implemented the Summary Care Record application and are delivering unscheduled care.

Prototype status

Mental Health 

  • West London NHS Trust Unscheduled – Live 
  • West London NHS Trust scheduled – End of February

Dental (Scheduled and Unscheduled – NHS Trust)

  • East Village Dental Practice Unscheduled – Live 
  • Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust - Live 

Sexual Health (Unscheduled – NHS Trust)

  • Walsall Manor Hospital – Live 
  • Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust – Live 

Community Paediatric

  • Solent NHS Trust (Portsmouth, Southampton) Community Paediatric – Live 
  • Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Community Paediatric – Live 

What happens next?

Prototypes will continue to be rolled out over the next few months. This work will be reviewed at the end of March to capture lessons learned and establish whether the expected benefits have been realised. Potential wider rollout will be discussed following this review.

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