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Changes to how CP-IS is displayed within Summary Care Record application (SCRa)

Find out about the changes to how CP-IS is displayed within Summary Care Record application (SCRa).

From 7 July 2022, CP-IS users accessing via the SCRa product will notice some changes to how information is displayed. These are the first in a series of planned changes aimed at supporting future improvements within CP-IS.

What you need to do

  1. Read the information below and understand the changes being made.
  2. Check your permissions and view in the system are correct.
  3. Share this information with other team members.
  4. Contact CP-IS team on [email protected] with any questions or issues. 

Changes that have been made

We've made the following changes:

  • the title of the tab has changed from Child Care Alert to Child Protection
  • the tab will always be present, rather than only appearing when there is an information to display - for example, the child has a child protection plan. If there is information to display, then a red dot will be present on the tab
  • if no tab is present, then users need to have the appropriate permissions added to their smartcard

Why we've made the changes

Renaming the tab to Child Protection makes the tab more consistent with safeguarding language and therefore is a better alignment to CP-IS.

Having the tab always appear helps identify if you do not have access to CP-IS. In the past, some health professionals thought they were accessing CP-IS for children who did not have a plan, where in fact they actually did not have access to CP-IS. This presented a clinical and safeguarding risk.

Having the tab always present is also consistent with other information sharing systems, such as FGM. This change has been applied following feedback provided from health professionals. 

What to do if you cannot see the Child Protection tab

If you cannot see the tab, you do not have access to CP-IS.

Contact your local IT support, who will arrange for your smartcard to be updated. The following codes need to be applied on your smart card:

  • B0264 – Access SCRa (Perform patient trace)
  • B0107 – (View Child Protection Plan)

You can also access CP-IS test patient NHS number 9990276579.

CP-IS processes

The process of accessing CP-IS will remain the same, and additional training is not required. However, we strongly suggest these changes are communicated to anyone currently accessing CP-IS.

Further questions

If you have have further questions you can contact the CP-IS team on [email protected].

Last edited: 7 July 2022 12:21 pm