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Child Protection - Information Sharing Summary Care Record application: user guide

This is a guide to using Summary Care Record application to access CP-IS information (the Child Care Alert). This guide can be used to help train staff before going live with CP-IS or when new staff join your organisation. You can edit this guide to meet your specific needs. 

Insert your NHS Smartcard

  1. Insert your smartcard
  2. Enter your passcode
  3. Select your role
  4. Log on to the NHS Spine Portal

Summary Care Record application - log in with smartcard

Select Summary Care Record

Select ‘Launch Summary Care Record (SCR)’ from the NHS Spine Portal menu.

NHS Spine portalNHS Spine portal performing authentication

Find a patient

Use the basic search to find a patient using the NHS Number, or gender, surname and date of birth.

Summary Care Record application - Find a patient, basic search

Use the Advanced search if you don’t have all the information required for a basic search. For example, if you don’t know the NHS Number or the date of birth of the patient, you can enter a date of birth range on the advanced screen.

Summary Care Record application - Find a patient, advanced search

Check for Child Care Alert

Look for the Child Care Alert tab. If the tab is there, it means that the patient is one or more of:

  • a Looked After Child (LAC)
  • subject to a Child Protection Plan (CPP)
  • has been one of the above in the previous 365 days
  • pregnant and their unborn child is subject to a Child Protection Plan (this alert is visible for 28 days after the mother’s due date)

Summary Care Record application - check for Child Care Alert tab

If the ‘Child Care Alert’ tab is present, it must be clicked on to send an automatic notification back to the child’s local authority. If the Child Care Alert tab is not clicked on, then no notification will be sent. It is very important to consider ‘who’ clicks on the tab as their information will be sent to the local authority in the notification. This would ideally be the clinician seeing the child.

Note that the female genital mutilation or 'FGM' tab functions in a different way to the Child Care Alert. The FGM tab is present for all female children, but this does not mean they have been subjected to FGM. Find more information about the FGM tab.

Click on Child Care Alert tab

Click on the tab to view the CP-IS information. 
Here you can see:

  • the type of plan the child is/was subject to (if the child has more than one plan they will be listed)
  • the start and end date of that plan
  • the name of the local authority responsible for the child
  • the office hours telephone number for that local authority
  • the emergency duty telephone number for that local authority

You'll also see details of the previous 25 times the child’s information has been viewed, including:

  • the date and time it was viewed
  • the name of the person who viewed it
  • their role
  • the organisation they worked for

Summary Care Record application, Child Care Alert tab

Note that a user can click on the Child Care Alert a number of times during a presentation period and only generate one alert to the local authority. However, if another member of staff clicks on the alert during the same presentation they will generate another alert to the local authority. Please bear this in mind and ensure that only one notification is sent to the local authority.

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