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Implementation process for local authorities

Our regional implementation managers work closely with healthcare organisations and local authorities to guide and support them through the implementation process.

The process varies between local authorities and depends on the IT systems and working practices that are currently used, and much more. But implementing CP-IS usually involves the following steps:

  1. Project Management, Stakeholder Engagement and Governance (tasks 1-7)
  2. Technical (tasks 8-14)
  3. Business Processes (tasks 15-23)
  4. Final preparation for go live (tasks 22-31)
  5. Go-live / managing the service (tasks 32-36)

(These numbered tasks can be found in the CP-IS local authority implementation plan (detailed) excel document.)

Our implementation managers hold a range of detailed guidance documents to help support organisations through the implementation process. We can also put you in touch with organisations that have been through the process.  

These guidance documents are to assist staff with implementing Child Protection – Information Sharing within their organisations, or project managing an element of the delivery.

Local authority pre go-live checklist

Local authority post go-live checklist

CP-IS local authority implementation plan (detailed)

CP-IS local authority implementation plan Gantt chart (.mpp file)

Contact the CP-IS team:

Further information

internal CP-IS NHS number matching information

February 2019: guidance for local authorities on matching local records of children within the scope of CP-IS with the correct NHS Number in the NHS system.

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