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Problems uploading a photo in Care Identity Service application - expired certificate

Users of Internet Explorer (or Edge in IE compatibility mode) may see an error when uploading photos in the Care Identity Service application. Find out more and how to fix the issue.


You are trying to upload a photo on a user's Care Identity Profile in the Care Identity Service Application, and see the following error message:

Applicant Photo Error: Click for details


It is likely that you are using Internet Explorer, or Edge in IE Compatibility mode. This is an unsupported browser for Care Identity Service.


The Care Identity Service application should be accessed using Edge or Chrome browsers. You must also have the latest version of Credential Management installed. Credential Management removes the need to have Java running on your machine, when using the NHS Care Identity suite of applications. 

See if you already have Credential Management set up

To see if you already have Credential Management set up, use our checker tool.

The latest version of our software

Further actions

If you have any problems with this workaround, or to report another issue, go to the NHS Digital Customer Portal or email: [email protected].

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Last edited: 19 May 2023 9:35 am