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As of 31st March 2024, NHS CIS2 will no longer work in IE11 and Edge "IE Mode"

If you try access NHS CIS2 using Internet Explorer and Edge "IE Mode" after 31st March 2024 you will find that it does not work.

In line with NHS England standards for web-based products, you will find that NHS CIS2 does not work if you try access it using Internet Explorer after 31 March 2024.  

This includes:

  • Apply for Care ID
  • Care Identity Management
  • Care Identity Authentication

Using unsupported systems makes your organisation more vulnerable to cyber security threats and makes it more likely that you’ll experience performance or reliability issues.

What this means

It is the responsibility of individual organisations to make sure their teams are using supported products.  

If you use NHS CIS2 for your work

You may need to contact your local IT service desk to find out more about your organisation’s plan to switch off Internet Explorer and to ensure continued access to our services. 

If you are responsible for managing IT in a health or care organisation

You should make sure you have a plan in place to withdraw Internet Explorer from your IT estate and install NHS Credential Management (HSCN connection required) for any users who require access to national NHS systems which require authentication.   

Some alternative options are:

  • Use IE11 for the apps that require it, allow users to have a second user-agent (e.g. Edgium/Chromium) for other applications. 
  • If "IE Mode" is being used, then only enable "IE Mode" for the applications that require it

If you can't move off of IE11

If you can't move off of IE11 by 31 March 2024, you need to contact us to discuss your situation.

Contact us by email on [email protected].

Include details about your Organisation, IT contacts and reasons why you feel you cannot switch from IE11 / IE Mode.


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