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Birth Notification Application guide for maternity

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This user guide is intended for maternity users of the Birth Notification Application (BNA). It provides guidance for when you need to submit a birth notification and receive an NHS Number for the baby (or babies). If needed, you may allocate an NHS Number for the mother.

The NHS Numbers for Babies/Central Issuing Service (NN4B/CIS) system and the Interim NHS Numbering System (INNS) have been discontinued.

The majority of sites will migrate to a Personal Demographics Service (PDS) compliant maternity or child health system that will integrate the local system with the PDS.

There will be a number of sites that, for whatever reason, will not be migrated onto a PDS compliant maternity or child health system by this time. These sites will need a mechanism to allow users to register a birth and obtain an NHS Number for the baby. The mechanism to do this is called the Birth Notification Application (BNA).

The BNA contains all the functionality currently in the CIS or INNS, along with some additional features. The BNA will allow users to:

  • trace for a mother’s PDS record
  • create a record on the PDS for the mother when no record exists
  • (for the baby) enter details for the birth notification and create a new record on the PDS including allocating an NHS Number
  • print birth notifications, blood spot labels and identity wristbands
  • view stored birth notifications

For maternity sites that do not have a PDS compliant maternity system, users will need to enter the details of the birth into both the local maternity or PAS system and the BNA. This dual keying is necessary because there is no link from the local maternity system or patient administration system (PAS) to the PDS.

This document has been written to help midwives using the BNA system.

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