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A&E self-service tool

The A&E self-service tool, also known as the emergency department streaming tool, is a kiosk-based service, provided as a web application, for patients who arrive at accident and emergency (A&E) departments with no pre-booked arrival time.

How it works

Patients answer questions about why they have come to hospital and the symptoms they have, so that the service can direct them to the most appropriate care. Depending on the answers they give, this could mean they are seen in A&E, or are directed or referred to other urgent care services in the area.

The service has been commissioned as part of the 111 First initiative, which encourages everyone with an urgent health concern to visit or call 111 to find out the best place to get help. This will involve getting a booked arrival time if appropriate, which will help reduce unnecessary attendances at A&E during the coronavirus outbreak and enable social distancing.

The tool is designed to provide help and direction for patients who did not contact a 111 service beforehand and have arrived at a hospital A&E with no pre-booked arrival time.

How we use patient data

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Last edited: 19 January 2021 1:34 pm