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Practice Level Prescribing - September 2018 24 Nov 2018

Published: 24 November 2018 - Practice level prescribing data is a list of all medicines, dressings and appliances that are prescribed by all practices in England and dispensed in the community each month. From October 2018 this data release will be moved earlier to be roughly 7 weeks after the data...

NHS Dental Statistics for England, 2018-19, First Quarterly Report 22 Nov 2018

This quarterly publication brings together information on NHS dental activity in England up to quarter 1 2018-19 and information on the number of patients seen by an NHS dentist up to quarter 2 of 2018-19.

General and Personal Medical Services, England: Final 30 June and Provisional 30 September 2018, experimental statistics 22 Nov 2018

This report presents data about GPs, Nurses, Direct Patient Care and Admin/Non-Clinical staff in general practice, along with information on their patients, practices, and the services they provide.

Mental Health of Children and Young People in England, 2017 [PAS] 22 Nov 2018

This survey series provides England’s best source of data on trends in child mental health.

NHS Sickness Absence Rates - July 2018, Provisional Statistics 22 Nov 2018

Monthly report on NHS Sickness absence rates by regions, organisations and main staff groups.

This publication of the SHMI relates to discharges in the reporting period July 2017 to June 2018.

NHS Workforce Statistics - August 2018 22 Nov 2018

This report shows monthly numbers of NHS Hospital and Community Health Service (HCHS) staff groups working in Trusts and CCGs in England (excluding primary care staff). Data is available as headcount and full-time equivalents.

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2C - Delayed transfers of care from hospital, and those which are attributable to adult social care 22 Nov 2018

This is a three-part measure that reflects both the overall number of delayed transfers of care (part 1) and, as subsets, the number of these delays which are attributable to social care services (part 2) and those which are jointly attributable to the NHS and social care (part 3).

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1F - Proportion of adults in contact with secondary mental health services in paid employment 22 Nov 2018

The measure is of improved employment outcomes for adults with mental health problems, reducing their risk of social exclusion and discrimination.

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1H - Proportion of adults in contact with secondary mental health services living independently, with or without support 22 Nov 2018

The measure is intended to improve outcomes for adults with mental health problems by demonstrating the proportion in stable and appropriate accommodation. This is closely linked to improving their safety and reducing their risk of social exclusion.