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Out of Area Placements in Mental Health Services - October 2018 10 Jan 2019

This report presents findings from the Out of Area Placements (OAPs) collection. The collection is expected to capture the details of all OAPs in England from both NHS and independent providers. NHS Digital is running this interim OAPs data collection in the Clinical Audit Platform (CAP) until the data...

Community Services Statistics for Children, Young People and Adults September 2018 10 Jan 2019

This publication reports information from the CSDS. This is a monthly report on publicly funded community services for children, young people and adults using data from the Community Services Data Set (CSDS) reported in England for September 2018.

Provisional Accident and Emergency Quality Indicators for England - November 2018, by provider. 10 Jan 2019

This report, generated from Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) A&E data, sets out data coverage, data quality and performance information for the following five A&E indicators:

Maternity Services Monthly Statistics - September 2018, Experimental statistics 3 Jan 2019

This is a report on NHS-funded maternity services in England for September 2018, using data submitted to the Maternity Services Data Set (MSDS). The MSDS has been developed to help achieve better outcomes of care for mothers, babies and children. The MSDS is a patient-level 'secondary uses' data set...

Practice Level Prescribing - October 2018 24 Dec 2018

Published: 24 December 2018 - Practice level prescribing data is a list of all medicines, dressings and appliances that are prescribed by all practices in England and dispensed in the community each month. From October 2018 this data release will be moved earlier to be roughly 7 weeks after the data...

NHS Workforce Statistics - September 2018 20 Dec 2018

Publication changes: Please read the section on 'Notes on changes to publications' within the PDF report as this highlights changes to data currently published and potentially the frequency of future reports.

NHS Staff Earnings Estimates - September 2018, Provisional Statistics 20 Dec 2018

This statistical bulletin relates to earnings estimates for staff at NHS organisations on the Electronic Staff Record (ESR) up to September 2018.

NHS Sickness Absence Rates - August 2018, Provisional Statistics 20 Dec 2018

Monthly report on NHS Sickness absence rates by regions, organisations and main staff groups.

NHS Payments to General Practice - England, 2017/18 20 Dec 2018

NHS Payments to General Practice, England 2017/18 provides information on NHS payments to individual providers of general practice services in England. Figures are given for the main payment categories - which include Global Sum, Balance of PMS expenditure, Quality Outcomes Framework (QOF) and Enhanced...

Learning Disability Services Monthly Statistics - Provisional Statistics (AT: November 2018, MHSDS: September 2018 Final) 20 Dec 2018

Latest Monthly statistics on Learning Disabilities and Autism (LDA) from the Assuring Transformation collection and MHSDS collection.