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James Lumgair

Product Manager at NHS Digital
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James is a product manager working on the NHS website


Coronavirus information on a Google knowledge panel
By James Lumgair. 11 March 2020
NHS Digital Product manager James Lumgair talks about how the NHS website is getting trusted, accurate health information in front of more users than ever before through 'knowledge panels' on Google search result pages.
An image of a chatbot and modularised content
By James Lumgair. 2 March 2020
NHS Digital Product Manager James Lumgair gives an update on the project to make specific sections of content on the NHS website available to syndicators, so more people can get accurate, NHS-assured information wherever and however they need it.
A person looking at the NHS chickenpox content on a smart watch
By James Lumgair. 15 August 2019
Content modularisation of the NHS website will help our content reach more  people via search engines, voice-activated devices, chatbots and wearable devices. NHS Digital Product Manager James Lumgair explains more.