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Data for Scotland is maintained by the Information and Statistics Division of the NHS in Scotland. The Health & Social Care Board, N. Ireland maintain the data for Northern Ireland.

If you have any enquiries about this data, or if you wish to notify us of any errors or omissions, please contact the relevant supplier  NHS Scotland or Health and Social Care Board N.Ireland

File descriptionFileDate uploadedQuarterly/Monthly
Scotland lookup iconScotland lookup [26Kb]08/03/2017N/A
iconGPs in Scotland [550.99Kb] [669.49Kb]24/02/2017Quarterly
iconGP Practices in Scotland [550.99Kb] [57.05Kb]24/02/2017Quarterly
iconScottish membership file mapping GPs to practices [550.99Kb] [194.83Kb]24/02/2017Quarterly
iconPurchaser and Provider organisations in Scotland [550.99Kb] [51.46Kb]24/02/2017Quarterly
iconGPs in Northern Ireland [550.99Kb] [62.97Kb]24/02/2017Quarterly
iconGP Practices in Northern Ireland [550.99Kb] [37.87Kb]24/02/2017Quarterly
NI Lookup iconNI Lookup [22.5Kb]08/03/2017N/A
iconBoards, Trusts and Local Health & Social Care Groups [550.99Kb] [14.64Kb]08/09/2015Quarterly
iconNorthern Ireland GP Practices making up each LHSCG [550.99Kb] [10.12Kb]24/02/2017Quarterly
iconNorthern Ireland Archive [550.99Kb] [14.42Kb]07/10/2014Quarterly
iconIsle of Man Organisations [550.99Kb] [11.08Kb]24/02/2017Quarterly

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