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17 June 2021: Mental Health Services Dataset – voluntary sector providers support webinar

The 23rd MHSDS webinar will take place on Thursday 17 June 2021 at 1pm to 2pm

This is a session in which NHS Digital will explore the results of our Voluntary Care Sector (VCS) Survey and workshops held with selected VCS providers.

The most common issues raised in the questionnaire were:

  • the structure of the data 
  • lack of technical knowledge 
  • lack of resource 
  • lack of training on the submission process

NHS Digital will then propose solutions and support strategies for the issues raised. These proposed solutions will be then discussed with attendees for further comment and insights.

The results of this webinar will feed into the future support for VCS providers, so please join in the discussion. 

Bookings for this webinar are now live, and you can book onto this webinar using the Book Now button above. The webinar will be recorded with Q&A available at the end of the presentation.

Target Audience: Providers, Commissioners and System Suppliers


Additionally, to ensure this webinar is beneficial to you, please send your questions via email with the subject “MHSDS Voluntary Sector Providers Support Webinar” to by Wednesday 16 June 2021.

Watch a video of the MHSDS Voluntary Sector providers support webinar: