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12 November 2020: MHSDS v5.0 Public Consultation Webinar - Information on the Service User

Proposed MHSDS scope update

As part of our consultation for v5.0 of the MHSDS, we have made some improvements to the scope of the data set. We outlined these improvements during our recent public consultation webinar ‘Information on Referrals and Care Activity’. You can find further details within the slides presented during this webinar.

We would be grateful if you could read the Word document ‘Proposed MHSDS Scope Update’ found in the Resources section below, and compare it to the current scope which is outlined on our MHSDS webpage.

MHSDS v5.0 Consultation Questions and Comments form

Throughout the series of webinars which have been presented, we have asked a number of questions for comment. We have collated those relevant to each webinar and particular requirement within the Questions and Comments Form, found in the Resources section below.

We have sent a copy of this out to all delegates who attended the webinars, and we would be grateful if you could provide your details on this and use the different tabs related to each webinar, to comment upon in relation to each change. Positive comments to the effect that you agree with, or are happy with a change, and concerns are all equally valuable.

Please provide responses by Friday 11 December and return to, including DSDS MHSDS v5.0 Public Consultation in the subject line.