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Mental Health Services Dataset – Multiple Submission Model

This webinar is an introduction on how to use the MHSDS multiple submission model, specifically focusing on how to resubmit data to MHSDS for 19/20.

Currently providers have two monthly ‘windows’ to submit data. For example, for activity such as referrals and care contacts that took place in May 2019, this can be submitted to MHSDS in June 2019 and July 2019.

However, NHS Digital are currently developing a ‘multiple submission window model’ which will allow missing data or previously submitted data to be replaced with data of improved quality:

  • this means that data for any month of 2019/20 will be able to be resubmitted in April/May 2020. We are still developing this and will then let all providers know the details of how and when data can be resubmitted
  • during 2020/21 data for each month must be submitted at least once in the two months following the activity but providers will be able to re-submit higher quality data throughout the year
  • the aim should still be to submit the best data quality as soon as possible as it is used by a variety of users to report and monitor performance during the year.

Copies of the webinar are available, because of its length this webinar has been broken into two sections.