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MHSDS providers and system suppliers event

This event forms part of our mental health quarterly regional engagement events. The focus of the day is on MHSDS data quality and uses of MHSDS data. There will be focused discussions and the chance for attendees to voice opinions raise concerns/ideas. There will be talks by NHS Digital on the following:

  • data quality issues
  • DQMI
  • the new Data Processing Service (DPS)
  • SDCS cloud

MHSDS DQ Event 18 6 19

NHS England will also be providing an update on policy related to MHSDS and the impact on data quality.

Please ensure that you only request the required places as places are initially restricted to 2 delegates from a given organisation. Additional places can be requested but these are subject to availability and will not be confirmed until a later stage. Additional places will be on a first come, first served basis.